a college student's five month quest to see europe and soak in la vie fran├žaise

a college student's five month quest to see europe and soak in la vie fran├žaise

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


dauchau was a very somber experience (one which i had considered forgoing) and certainly a strong declaration that history ought not repeat itself. i was a little put off by tourists posing by the gate inscribed with "work will set you free" smiling and flashing peace signs but there were other moments where i was shaken to my core with horror and sadness. munich, on the other hand, was an amazingly alive city where the people's enthusiasm (and drunkenness) proved endlessly entertaining and even infectious. even after a soccer match against milan ended in defeat, citizens stormed the streets with flags and beers to celebrate their munich pride.
work will set you free.
never again.
role call yard.
rows and rows of former barracks.
barbed wire fence.
on to greener pastures... munich madness at marienplatz.
a proud purchase.
witch hats and puppy jerseys.
so crazy!
in front of the dancing dome in the gorgeous hoff garden.
dancing in hoff garden. how fun!
"backpacking" through europe.
beautiful building in the hoff garden.
sunlight through trees in hoff garden.
baby chick in the english gardens!
pretty landscaping in english gardens.
hippies in the english gardens.
sisters in the english gardens.
bicycle in hoff garden on our walk back home.

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  1. Mackenzie I had such a similar set of emotions visiting there. From one extreme to the next for sure. It was a lot to take in, but Munich really did have a tremendous spirit to it - and I didn't even get to experience the soccer fans! Lots of drinkers though!


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