a college student's five month quest to see europe and soak in la vie fran├žaise

a college student's five month quest to see europe and soak in la vie fran├žaise

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


the austrian birthplace of the sound of music was every bit as charming as it appears in my all-time favorite film.
banks of the salzach river that runs through the city.
reilly and mom in front of one of several mozart memorials.
the spray from the fountain felt pretty good on an unexpectedly hot day.
mom and i in front of a cool sculpture in the residenz.
view from the hohensalzburg castle.
cute little restaurant nestled in hohensalzburg where we grabbed a bite to eat.
i love the shadows here.
a lovely panorama from hohensalzburg.
reilly and mom in front of the house where the sound of music was filmed.
the gazebo where rolf and leisl sing "sixteen going on seventeen."
church where maria and the captain get married (mom using her trench coat to recreate maria's veil).
doesn't it actually sort of look like a train?
mom happier than we've ever seen her. we love the sound of music!
garden where maria and the children sing "do re mi."
reilly and i on the fountain they danced around.
goofing around in the hedge tunnel that maria and the children run through during "do re mi."
maria: gretl, what happened to your finger?
gretl: it got caught.
maria: caught in what?
gretl: friedrich's teeth.
pretty flowers in the garden.
a lovely sunset from the rooftop restaurant on our last night.


  1. This brought back childhood memories of wacthing this film! Shot of you on the stairs with those shadows is awesome.

  2. These photos are gorgeous!!

  3. Oh darling, these pictures are so beautiful, love love love, xoxo

  4. the pictures look great, like you had a very nice time ♥
    follow eachother? :$

  5. You guys are so fun! And your mom is way too cute. I love these photos and I love your dedication to the Sound of Music. The Captain would be very proud.

  6. ummmm RIDICULOUSLY jealous!!! Austria has been my I-want-to-go-there-so-badly place for awhile!!

    aaaaand I was JUST looking at old vacation pictures in Portugal, mourning the fact that I haven't been anywhere in yearsss

    sooo pretty!!

  7. ok. those pictures are awesome! I spent my childhood wishing I was Gretl. and the gazebo scene? so so romantic. also, I agree, the shadows in the staircase picture are rad.

  8. Amazing amazing pictures. I am so jealous of these travels. the zig zag shadows are so cool, and your mom's coat really looks like a train!

  9. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun reenacting the movie! ;)

  10. thanks for the comment ♥
    i still like the post,
    but you already know ;)

  11. I am super jealous!!!!!!! hope you are enjoying your european adventures!!!!!

  12. looks like so much fun!
    i went to Salzburg but couldnt persuade my boyfriend to go to the Sound Of Music sights....boooooo!

  13. I love Salzburg. I was there in March during a snowstorm and I loved it. We did the Sound of Music tour as well - my favortie movie. Your mom is so funny with her trench as a veil!

  14. thank you for these amazing photos!! ahhhh i'm loving salzburg.


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